Too many women have had the experience of an annual exam with a provider they barely know, a conversation about concerns that isn’t heard, and left a well visit feeling alone and without guidance about their health and well being. At The Birth Center of Boulder, our goal is to change that narrative and create a space where women are heard, where health is honored, and that time is given for conversations to be had and collaborative decisions are made.

Our annual exams are a hour of dedicated time with a certified nurse midwife. At this appointment the midwife will talk with you – not at you – about your emotional, physical, sexual history and guide you on what procedures and lab tests will best support you.

Each annual exam includes a full physical, labs and blood work, and a plan for how to create health in your future. Our midwives are honored to spend the time with you talking about what is important to you and meeting you exactly where you are in your life.

We care for women from their first appointment with a women’s health provider (either first menses or age 16 if menses has not occurred) through their childbearing years. Imagine having your first gynecological appointment be with someone that looks you in the eyes, hears your hopes and fears, and proceeds with the appointment based on your needs. The midwives are knowledgeable about preconception care, fertility concerns, birth control, and gynecological problems.

We are in network with many insurance plans – so this appointment is often paid for by your insurance at no charge to you. For more information about insurance and to make an appointment, please call 303.443.3993.