The Birth Center of Boulder began from a shared community passion for a freestanding birth center that would provide true midwifery care in an out of hospital setting. So many members of the birth community hoped and dreamed and planned for a space like ours, but it took a dedicated group of women to come together to create the physical space that is The Birth Center of Boulder.

For almost two years, Angela, Marian, Elizabeth and a host of supportive partners spent hours at Elizabeth’s kitchen counter creating a business plan, perusing real estate listings, making medical forms, and most importantly outlining the mission and vision of The Birth Center of Boulder. After months of constructions (including lots of demolition, the discovery that painting is WAY harder than it looks, and an all day trip to IKEA), The Birth Center of Boulder officially opened her doors on July 31, 2014.

Our first birth happened just 3 days later when baby Ansel entered the world in the Carmenta birth room to the joyous cheers of every member of the birth center team.

Those early days of the highest highs (the delivery of our beautiful gigantic birth tubs) and the lowest lows (the bill for all the necessary plumbing and the water heater to back up the water heater to back up the water heater) taught us all so much about perseverance and dedication. Our mission and vision were our guiding force and reminded us every day that this space was about putting our mamas first – about creating a space were women were safe and heard, where the experience of the partner and siblings mattered, where women became mothers, where families were created – a place that trusts. nurtures. honors. women. EVERY DAY!