about us

The Birth Center of Boulder is staffed by a dedicated group of women – certified nurse midwives, registered nurses, and office staff. Our team has created a tranquil space to support and nurture each client with education and evidence based care. We meet each client exactly where they are and support them on their journey towards health and parenthood.

We are accredited by CABC (Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers) and a licensed health care facility through the Colorado Department of Health.
We are located 2.5 miles (less than 7 minutes) from Boulder Community Health Foothills Campus.

If you want to meet our staff, tour the facility, and learn more about the birth center, come to an orientation. Orientations are held the first Friday at noon and third Saturday at 9 am every month.

our mission

To provide connected, compassionate, community based healthcare 

about us

The Birth Center of Boulder is staffed by a dedicated group of women – certified nurse midwives, registered nurses, and office staff. Our team has created a tranquil space to support and nurture each client with education and evidence based care. We meet each client exactly where they are and support them on their journey towards health and parenthood.

We are accredited by CABC (Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers) and a licensed health care facility through the Colorado Department of Health.
We are located 2.5 miles (less than 7 minutes) from Boulder Community Health Foothills Campus.

If you want to meet our staff, tour the facility, and learn more about the birth center, come to an orientation. Orientations are held the first Friday at noon and third Saturday at 9 am every month.

our mission

To provide connected, compassionate, community based healthcare e.

the midwives

angela stevens, msn, cnm

Angela is inspired by the art of midwifery, the pure power of women birthing, sharing the experience of birth with families, and the continual lessons she learns from each relationship. She graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2006. She has been practicing midwifery in Boulder since 2008 and has had the joy of caring for thousands of families in our community. She has also studied nutrition, herbal medicine, ayurveda, and essential oils to provide a holistic approach to women’s wellness and enjoys providing well woman care. Angela has spearheaded the birth center partnership with One Heart Worldwide and is passionate to help them with their belief that all mothers deserve to have access to quality, compassionate health care no matter where they live. Through this partnership, she has volunteered with One Heart in Nepal since 2016.

bailey jones, ms, cnm

Bailey honors the power and strength of women. She believes that every woman has the right to choose where she will birth and feels called to support women who choose a birth center. Having had out of hospital births herself, she feels connected with and believes in this setting as a safe and often more effective place for women to birth. In the Nurse-Midwifery program at University of Colorado Denver, she has had experience in the high-risk faculty practice, low-risk/water birth practice and has attended home visits. She is excited to learn from and share special moments with the team and families at the Birth Center of Boulder. She is committed to the women in her world-wide community.

anna fernandez, msn, cnm, cpm

Like many midwives, Anna became fascinated with midwifery during the pregnancy of her first child in 1998.  After receiving the kind of care she did from her own midwife, she knew she wanted to provide that same kind of care for other women, people, and families — the kind of care that has a foundation in respect, compassion, and empowerment. By the end of that pregnancy, she knew she wanted to be a midwife. With her babe in arms, she took a doula class and from there went on to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). For years, she provided care in two busy practices to families who chose to birth at home. As her passion for GYN care grew, Anna decided she wanted to expand her scope of practice and she became a Certified Nurse-Midwife through Frontier Nursing University. 

She is honored to join the midwives at the Birth Center of Boulder and is thrilled to be able to practice her passion for midwifery and women’s health in such a fantastic community.  Anna is also an herbalist and loves weaving this art into her practice as appropriate and as clients desire.  Anna is committed to practicing evidence-based care and as she walks alongside clients during the transformational times of the childbearing year, before and beyond, she strives to provide the kind of care that she received from her own midwife so long ago. 

katie butler, msn, cnm

Katie graduated from Frontier Nursing University with her Masters in nursing and is currently pursuing her Doctorate degree. She has been a nurse for 7 years and has always worked in the maternal-child health world: first as a public health nurse focusing on prenatal and postpartum education, then as a labor and delivery nurse, and most recently at a birth center while she was finishing up her degree. She is a strong advocate for women to birth the way they choose to, for meeting women exactly where they are, and for empowering women to take charge of their healthcare. She finds it an honor to witness birth and new beginnings firsthand. When not at work or talking about all things birth, she enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, paddle boarding, and spending time in the mountains. She loves the mountains so much that she named all of her pets after some: Rainier, Everest, Denali, and Adams.

alexandria zayer, msn, cnm, sane

Alexandria is passionate about serving diverse populations and the full spectrum of life. With almost two decades in the medical field, she formerly specialized in palliative and hospice nursing. It was supporting individuals and their families at the end of life that inspired her interest in supporting individuals and their families at the start of life — recognizing that both frameworks hold a core value of honoring natural physiological processes and are two of the most significant transitions in a person’s life. 

Alexandria obtained her midwifery education at the University of Colorado. She brings her background of teaching mindfulness, meditation, and yoga into the care she provides. She also has experience as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and carries with her the essential skills of providing trauma-informed care to all individuals. In her free time, Alexandria can be found sipping tea in nature. She loves sharing time outdoors, camping, and hiking with her husband and their dog, Oakland.

sophie lowenstein, msn, cnm

Sophie works under the philosophy of parallel care: the way we care for people delivering, can inspire the way they will care for their delivered. Good care ripples out. She has been fascinated by birth since she was little. She studied reproductive health rites in Ghana and did research studying sexual health among marginalized populations in the Northwest. She decided to become a midwife after her time as an Early Head Start Home Visitor in South Seattle. When she wasn’t working, Sophie spent her free time as a comedy writer and performer before moving back to Colorado with her partner. Since graduating from nursing school in 2016, she enjoys splitting her time between the birth center and a sexual health clinic. She wants to make responsive, empowering care available to everyone.


abrie koupal, msn, cnm

Abrie attended her first birth in 2007 as a friend’s support person and the experience changed her forever.  Leaving a former career in cross-cultural education, Abrie pursued her BSN from Regis University and met Angela Stevens in 2012 while working as a RN for a hospital-based CNM practice in Boulder and simultaneously completing her MSN at Frontier Nursing University.  She had the honor of being the Birth Center of Boulder’s first midwifery student in 2015 and was brought on as a full scope nurse-midwife after completing her studies at the end of that year.  She has not only guided hundreds of birth center families through their individual journeys but also birthed both of her children here with steadfast support from her midwife sisters.  After an extended maternity leave, she is thrilled to rejoin the newly expanded midwife team and is truly honored to take part in this genuine, family-centered model of care.  When not midwifing, teaching the birth center group classes, or developing digital content for the birth center’s smartphone app, she is likely to be found tucked away in the mountains with her backcountry ski guide entrepreneur husband, young son and daughter, and rambunctious mutt. 


laura thielke ms, cnm

Laura is very excited to be joining the team at the Birth Center of Boulder as she is passionate about physiologic birth and supporting women and their families. She is a proud graduate of the University of Colorado and has worked in a variety of setting since.  In the last 9 years she has been present in both hospital settings as well as free standing birth centers as a CNM. More recently, in her clinical director position, she had the opportunity to gain further knowledge in leadership, management and team building. Her heart lies with meeting women where they are at within their lifespan and coming alongside them with empowerment and education to support them. She is always honored to be a part of the miracle of birth in a woman’s life. On a personal note, Laura has an amazing husband and 3 beautiful children. In her free time she enjoys reading, running, biking and snowboarding.


kathleen reutter, cnm, whnp

Kathleen believes in meeting people where they are. She hopes to help women feel safe and comfortable and tap into their own strength, whether in a birth room during labor or during a well-woman visit. Kathleen’s introduction to birth work began in 2007 in a maternity clinic in Mali, West Africa where she conducted a research project. Since then she has had the honor of working and volunteering in a variety of health care settings in the U.S., including in primary care clinics, reproductive health clinics, birth centers, and hospitals. She graduated from the University of California, San Francisco in 2018 as a Certified Nurse-Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and is thrilled to now call Colorado home. She is deeply committed to following evidence-based practice as well as honoring her patients’ own knowledge about their bodies


courtney hasson, msn, cnm

Courtney graduated from Frontier Nursing University in 2016 with a Masters in Nursing as a Certified Nurse Midwife. She has been a nurse for 8 years working in women’s health in various environments such as labor and delivery, freestanding birth centers, and organizations like Nurse-Family Partnership. Courtney’s practice is deeply rooted in the belief that all women should have equitable access to high quality healthcare, as well as exposure to an environment where women can feel empowered by the decisions they chooses for themselves, their baby, and their family. When not at work, Courtney enjoys being outside, spending time with her husband, two children, and her friends. she has a passion for traveling, learning about new cultures, and global health.

renee clark, msn, cnm

Renee has been supporting mamas and families in the hospital setting as a nurse since 2005. After witnessing birth at home and in free-standing birth centers, in the US and throughout Latin America, she pursued her masters and began working alongside women as a midwife in 2014. She is inspired by relationships and believes birth and women’s healthcare to be powerful moments of connection. Renee is passionate about educating new midwives, both stateside and abroad, and is pursuing her Doctor of Nurse Practice as she mentors students in the art of high-quality midwifery care. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and their daughter (who was born at BCoB in 2018) and is always dreaming of adventures on the sea. 

erin ney, msn, cnm

My journey to midwifery began in 2007 when I graduated from Cedarville University with my BSN and then spent the first three years of my nursing career in adult intensive care. Although I loved my time in the ICU and learned so much from my experience, I knew when my husband and I moved to Denver in 2010 that I wanted to care for women and families during pregnancy and childbirth. So, I transitioned to working as a newborn nursery, postpartum, and labor & delivery nurse in the Denver metro area.  Along the way, I developed a love and passion for normal physiologic birth and the midwifery model of care and decided to go to midwifery school. I graduated with my MSN in December 2014 from Frontier Nursing University. Since 2015, I have worked in several Denver area birth centers and am passionate about providing safe and empowering care to the women and families in this setting. I look forward to walking alongside you during this transformative life experience! When not at work, I spend my free time with my husband, two young boys, and our long-haired English cream dachshund. I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family, eating delicious food, traveling, biking, and snowboarding.


the primary care nurse practitioner

elizabeth har-noy, msn, agpcnp – bc

Elizabeth’s firstborn came into this world at the Birth Center of Boulder—baby #49. She then had another baby at the San Francisco Birth Center, then one at home in Boulder in 2020. The midwifery care she received through pregnancy, birth and postpartum informed the way she wanted to practice as a Nurse Practitioner: the trust established between provider and client, and the use of holistic, evidence-based, non-judgemental care. Elizabeth is passionate about providing the kind of primary care to women that she herself received in this very setting. With BCOB expanding its services to include primary care, she will be instrumental in bridging the care gap through all stages of life, not just during child-bearing times.

Elizabeth’s passion for women’s health began as a caregiver for postpartum women in the early 2000s. She later volunteered at women’s clinics in Port-au-prince, Haiti. She went through nursing school and eventually completed a Master’s degree in nursing at UCSF to study primary care for people from adolescence to end of life.

Elizabeth has worked in the hospital, clinic, and home settings in primary care, oncology, palliative care, and end of life. From bustling multidisciplinary clinics at the VA to locked residential psychiatric facilities working with underserved populations, she leverages her diverse experience and skills to bring compassionate and comprehensive primary care here to Boulder.

Outside of work, you can find Elizabeth out on the slopes, wrangling her children, or planning her next travel adventure.

the nurses

margie mcsweeney, rn, cpm, ccbe

Margie is a pillar of women’s health care and midwifery support in the Boulder community. Margie has been active as an RN for decades and has worked diligently to increase women’s access to midwifery care. Margie is passionate about the importance of nurturing mothers and their babies through their journey of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Margie brings her years of experience and calm expertise to the birth center team.

gena valdez, bsn, rn, clc

Gena worked in mental health for many years before obtaining her BSN in 2009 from the Denver School of Nursing. Gena worked as a community health RN for several years. Gena was inspired by the birth of her two children to transition to women’s healthcare and labor and delivery nursing. Gena is inspired by the mission of The Birth Center of Boulder and believes every women deserves the access and support to the birth of her choice.

the acupuncturists



tuesday wasserman, dacm, lac. 

Tuesday received her Master of Science in acupuncture and oriental medicine from the Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine in 2010. Initially specializing in women’s health with an emphasis on the treatment of infertility using Chinese medicine alone or as an adjunct to Advanced Reproductive Technology (ART), it didn’t take long to transition to the management of pregnancy and labor and birth. Since becoming a certified doula in 2012, Tuesday has supported thousands of pregnant women addressing pregnancy-related concerns including pain, sleep, mental health, labor preparation, and so much more. Acupuncture therapy can support women through any issue from infertility, to recurrent miscarriage, pregnancy aches and pains, and hormone regulation at any age. Tuesday loves working in the integrative setting at BCoB where in collaboration with midwifery, clients have the opportunity to receive care that is truly holistic and patient-centered.  In her spare time, Tuesday enjoys teaching, spending time with her husband (also an acupuncturist) and their two young children.

simba eunhye shim, lac.

Simba graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in 2019 with a Master of Acupuncture and Master of Chinese Herbal Medicine.  Born and raised in Seoul, Korea she has extensively studied Chinese classics, language, astrology, and Korean traditional medicine with a deep interest in understanding people and the world.

During her master’s program, she was able to deepen and broaden her knowledge of East Asian traditional medicine including Chinese, Japanese and Korean medicine with a special interest in internal, emotional & hormonal balance and women’s care.

Simba had an empowering beautiful birth at the Birth Center of Boulder and feels strongly connected to the community. She is happy to be joining the team and aspires to provide excellent support for women’s pregnancy and birth.  When not working she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and eating international food, playing music, hiking, and Pilates.

the office & business team

amanda boni, aa

Amanda joined the birth center administrative team as the receptionist in 2018. Amanda has spent the past 6 years of her career working in healthcare – first as an EMT and medical assistant then transitioning into administrative support. Amanda enjoys the slower pace, personal connection, and connected culture of the birth center.

tessa kaczor, administrative assistant

Tessa has a BS in maternal and infant health and is an IBCLC.. After the birth of her first child at a free standing birth center, Tessa discovered her passion for childbirth and supporting families in their breastfeeding journeys. Tessa knows from a personal and a support person role that childbirth and breastfeeding can be profoundly empowering experiences that have long lasting impact. Tessa loves working at BCoB due to the alignment in philosophy around childbirth and breastfeeding. Tessa is incredibly honored to do this work. Outside of the birth center, Tessa can be found dancing as often as possible or discovering the world through the eyes of her kids

marian stonacek

Marian envisions herself working in birth centers for as long as women keep having babies. She has worked in women’s health care in Boulder for 24 years in all administrative capacities. she is a strong proponent of collaborative care models which emphasize the health of the mother throughout the entire birth experience.

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learn more about care at the birth center of boulder